• Asthma Program

Who is the Asthma Program for?

If you have MediCal/Partnership Health Plan or are uninsured with an asthma diagnosis, the program is for you. Services are available in English and Spanish. 

How do I sign up?

Call 707-805-1657 or email [email protected]

What happens when I sign up? 

After a short phone call with our Home Visitor, we will schedule a environmental assessment of your home. These assessments can be done over the phone, in person, or virtually. The Home Visitor will help you identify asthma triggers in your home and will provide resources or supplies needed to help you mitigate those triggers. 

What sort of items might I receive?

Mold, pollen and dust are common triggers in our region. You know your asthma triggers best- but most participants receive allergy proof bedding, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and cleaning supplies. The Home Visitor will help you understand how to reduce in-home triggers and can support you in having a conversation with your medical provider if medication changes or other medical interventions are needed.

Here is our program flyer in both Spanish and English, feel free to share! 

 Check out the videos below to learn more! 

Module 1: The Scope of Asthma

Module 2: Asthma Triggers

Module 3: Asthma Medications

Module 4: Asthma Medication Delivery Devices

Module 5: Asthma Assessment and Monitoring